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Support for adults with a learning
       disability in Suffolk.

       Personalised, flexible support at home
       and in the community.

       Find out more at:

       Looking for work, or know someone
       who is?
       With no experience necessary, just the

       right values and friendly attitude, social
       care is open to everyone!
       See our current vacancies at:

                                                  �erry trips to � �rom �e��les �ido

                                             �he �i� �o� �erry runs �et�een �e��les �ido and
                                             the �o��s �nn� �eldeston� A rela�in� � mile �oat
                                             trip alon� the  �iver �aveney �ith the
                                             opportunity to en�oy the �ildli�e en�route and a
                                             meal and drin� in �eldeston� �r stay on �oard
                                             �or a round trip� �� you’re �eelin�
     �����e��leslido��om  p ����� ������     ener�eti� you �ould ta�e a
                                             one��ay ti��et and �al�
     u �eated                                �a�� on deli�ht�ul
     u �lide                                 �ootpaths�
     u �prin� �oard                          �e�ular timeta�led trips daily �� �ar�h � ��to�er
     u �iant in�lata�le                       �equest stops � �eldeston �arina � � �ivers Campsite
     u Children’s Adventure Play Equipment            Che�� �e�site �or details
     u �utdoor E�er�ise Equipment                ������� ������ �EC���E��E�
     u �ane s�immin�                          C�A��E�� A�A��A��E � �E A��� �� �E������
     u �ot � �old sna��s� drin�s� i�e �reams            &Žƌ ŬŝŶŐƐ ĂŶĚ Ăůů ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ͗
     u �isa�led a��ess �please �all �or details�               ŽŶƚĂĐƚ  ŝŐ  ŽŐ &ĞƌƌLJ ŽŶ
     u Canoe �ire �����the�anoeman��om�                               ����� ������
     u �oorin�s                                                Žƌ ǀŝƐŝƚ  ŝŐ  ŽŐ &ĞƌƌLJ Ăƚ
     �pen everyday �ay �� � �eptem�er �                       �����i��o��erry��o�u�
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