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4   Box Office: 01502 770060
    Regular Events                                                      PUBLIC HALL
                                                                        AND THEATRE

                                      1st Tuesday & 3rd Monday monthly
                                      Forget-me-Nots                    BECCLES
                                      at Beccles Public Hall            PUBLIC HALL
                                                                        AND THEATRE
                                      For people with memory problems & their carers
                                      Two monthly meetings:
                                      2pm – 4pm
                                      Lots of different musicians –
                                      come along, relax, reminisce & remember
                                      Meetings are FREE
      FORGET-ME-NOTS  Tues 8th Jan   No meeting  Cup of coffee / tea with cake, just £1.50

                                       January 2019

         Mon 21st Jan
                           Stephen Amer & The Beccles Community Choir
                                      February 2019
         Tues 5th Feb      Ian Sainsbury and Guest, Tosh Ewins
         Mon 18th Feb      Sally Day sings 60s favourites
                                       March 2019
         Tues 5th Mar      Marie Carter on harp
         Mon 18th Mar      Bob & Graham play 60s classics
                                        April 2019
         Tues 2nd April    Marko Reynolds – Comedy & Cartoons!
         Mon 15th April    Stephen Amer & The Beccles Community Choir

                                      Wednesdays 16th January,
                                      20th February & 20th March
                                      10:30am (Doors open 9:45am)
                                      BECCLES U3A MEETINGS
        Wed 16 Jan: Dr Stephen Ashworth   The University of the Third Age is an organisation, run
      U3A    Lasers - how they work   by its members, that brings together people who
          Wed 20 Feb: Graham Higgins   wish to pursue common interests in an enjoyable
             Tales from the Bench -   informative and beneficial way.
          a magistrate reviews his work  For more information visit our website:
          Wed 20 Mar: Sally Dearman
         Women CAN fly - a female pilot
            talks of her experiences  Admission: Free to Members - Guests: £2.50
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