Work at the Hall over the summer 2018

By | January 15, 2019

During August 2018, we will be sorting out some necessary fire protection work and addressing issues with the corridor from the foyer to the kitchen that lets down the positive impression visitors have from the clean lines of the foyer and balcony, the redecorated Hall and even the five star kitchen.

Work is starting on 6 August and should be complete by 6 September.


Cellar ceiling – fireproofing

In 2015 when we installed the new accessible toilet, we had to lower the floor.  We found evidence of death watch beetle in the oak timber of the floor of the ladies toilets.  We had to strip the plasterboard off in the cellar below so it could be treated.

Following a fire risk assessment, we were informed regulations require a 60 minute fire break for the ceiling.  We have been advised that two layers of 12.5mm Fireline plasterboard are sufficient and plastering over is not needed.

The floor in the ladies toilet is “soft” and needs reinforcing.  Again advice is that putting a 5” by 2” softwood timber alongside each of the oak beams would be sufficient.

We also need intumescent collars on all the waste pipes to prevent the fire travelling up into the ladies toilets.

Access is problematic – 8’ by 4’ sheets will not fit through the trapdoor in the floor of the gents toilets.  However, 6’ by 3’ sheets will fit through the window from the road.


Corridor work

The walls and ceiling of the corridor are scarred by the routes of redundant pipework, boxing for OTT extractors for the toilets and damp from a leaking flat roof and cracks in the capped chimneys.  Additionally there are two door-frames serving no purpose and a blocked skylight.

We hope to put this right this summer.

The leaking flat roof has already been replaced.  The chimney capping will be repaired and we are awaiting permission to erect scaffolding in the car park to carry out this work.

We plan to replace the messy extractors with a simple combined system to include heat extraction.  The likely location of the heat exchange is in a false ceiling in the accessible toilet.

We are continuing the down-lighting from the foyer to include emergency lighting and rerouting the fire detection.  All this will be concealed in a false ceiling so there should be no trunking or wires visible.

The walls will be skimmed or plaster-boarded over where needed and the door-frames removed with a new fire door nearer the foyer, full width, to improve access.

The carpet will be replaced, continuing that used in the foyer, with the flooring strengthened where needed.  We are putting new non-slip flooring in the kitchen and finally the corridor with benefit from a redecoration.